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Economic Approaches to Human Resource Management

Dr. Shalu Porwal, Mrs. Ritika Hanspal and Mrs. Rachna Vats


Paperback and e – book




169 Pages


Rs. 1000/- ( $80 )

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The approachable manual "Economic Approaches to Human Resource Management" breaks down the intricate field of HRM from an economic standpoint. Consider your staff to be the bees in a beehive, representing your firm. Similar to how a beekeeper makes sure the hive survives, this book explains how to maximize your bees' productivity, or honey yield.

It looks at bringing the correct bees to your hive, keeping them content, and making sure they produce the best honey. Stated differently, it involves employing the most qualified candidates, preserving a happy workplace, and optimizing worker output.

For those who wish to comprehend the economics of human resource management, this book is an absolute must. It acts as compasses to assist you navigate the complex world of HRM and make decisions that are best for your company and your employees. So get set to go on a journey that will change the way you think about human resource management!

  • Dr. Shalu Porwal, is a prolific author and dedicated educator whose passion for commerce and management knows no bounds. With a background in applied business economics and creative content writing, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teaching skills. Her journey as an author began with the publication of Sahitya Bhawan. She wrote a book on E-Commerce, and it was launched in 2016. In her childhood, she was influenced by her eldest sister's way of studying. Today, she continues to draw inspiration from the world around him, weaving the future generations.

    She holds a Ph.D. in commerce from DBRAU Agra, an M.Phil. in commerce from Prist University in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, and an M.Com. in applied business economics group from DBRAUAgra.

    She thinks that my background, knowledge, and abilities will be of great assistance to me in carrying out the necessary tasks. She has been exposed to commerce research and practical management experience through her job as a lecturer in the management college and at several other colleges and schools. Additionally, she has given talks and published papers at both domestic and international conferences.

    She finished one assignment for Dream-Tech Press Delhi. She has worked for Oswaal Publications in Agra as an editor of an accounting question bank. She has translated an accounting textbook for Garhwal University with Rajeev Publications, Allahabad (U.P.), and the Rajasthan Boards Economics Textbook from Hindi to English with Mittal Publications, Mathura.

    She currently works as an author with Himalaya Publishing House in Mumbai and G.R. Bathla Publications in Meerut, in addition to being an assistant professor at the G.L. Bajaj Institute of Management in Greater Noida (U.P.).

  • Mrs. Ritika Hanspal, is currently serving as an Assistant Professor (HR and Finance) at G L Bajaj Institute of Management, leveraging 2 years of teaching experience. Prior to academia, I excelled as a Portfolio reconciliation Analyst at Bank of America, Gurgaon for 2 years, highlighting my prowess in financial analysis.

    My academic credentials include an MBA in Finance and HR, underpinning my experience in these areas. Beyond the corporate realm, my entrepreneurial spirit shone through as I ventured into establishing a mineral water plant -an endeavour that undoubtedly required vision, determination and strategic acumen.

    Additionally my commitment to professional development is evidence through participation in diverse FDPs, covering topics such as digital marketing, research methodologies, classroom strategies etc.

    This blend of academic qualifications, industry experience and continuous learning reflects my dedication to excellence in both teaching and practical application.

  • Mrs. Rachna Vats, is an Assistant Professor at GL Bajaj Institute of Management, holding an MBA in HR and Marketing, alongside an M.Sc. in Mathematics Honours. With 9.5 years of diverse teaching experience in various Private and National Institutions, she excels in quantitative techniques, Business Mathematics, HRM, Team building, Leadership, Research methodology, Arithmetic Aptitude, and more. She has attended various FDP's including research methodology, SPSS, Systematic literature review and has also presented research papers in different conferences. Rachna's expertise extends to training officers and staff of the Ministry of Power in Microsoft Excel, making her a versatile educator with a strong foundation in both business and mathematics, contributing significantly to her students' development. Furthermore, her instructional versatility extends to lecturing Ministry of Power officers and staff in Microsoft Excel.